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Reasons Why Furnace Maintenance is Important

Furnaces work hard! They need regular maintenance to keep working properly and running efficiently. Don’t wait until the problem gets worse. If your home is equipped with a furnace, it’s absolutely essential to regularly maintain it. A malfunctioning furnace can cost you a lot of money, and in some cases, your home’s health.

Keep reading for some great reasons why furnace maintenance is important.

Why Furnace Maintenance Is So Vital

  1. Safety
  2. Warranty protection
  3. Repair prevention
  4. Extended system life

A furnace is a necessary part of your home, and it can make a huge difference in the comfort and safety of your home. It doesn’t make sense to pay a huge amount of money to have your heater repaired when you can simply have it serviced every year and avoid spending money unnecessarily. 

Many people are afraid of having their furnace replaced or repaired because they don’t understand the potential problems with their furnace. Let us explain the benefits of having your furnace serviced.


Furnaces are designed to release carbon monoxide in the exhaust as part of normal operations. The carbon monoxide should be vented through an exhaust pipe to the outside of your house. Licenced professionals check for leaks in the exhaust pipe to make sure all of that carbon monoxide is exiting your home, and your family is not exposed.

Warranty protection

The warranties for most furnaces have a condition that the unit must receive regular professional maintenance. If the furnace isn’t maintained, the warranty is voided, and you may end up paying for repairs or replacements that would otherwise be covered. Maintenance keeps you protected from manufacturer faults.

Repair prevention

Routine maintenance would make sure that there are fewer repairs and that your HVAC system is in tip top shape. Schedule furnace maintenance when it gets cold enough to turn the furnace on to make sure everything is in peak working order for the upcoming season. Avoiding annual maintenance can result in repairing furnace problems like furnace water leaks, furnace frequently shut-offs, carbon monoxide leaks, furnace blowing cold air, and unusually high energy bills.

Extended system life

Buying a new furnace unit is an investment, and you want it to last as long as possible. Regular maintenance by a professional extends the life of your heating unit, enabling you to get more money out of your furnace purchase.

Keep heating costs down

Each year a furnace runs, it accumulates wear and tear from the strain of working and from dust and dirt. This lowers the efficiency of the furnace as it must consume more power to run than it normally does. When the furnace is maintained, you won’t see a continual rise in your utility bills.

Furnace Maintenance in Puyallup

You may think that furnace maintenance is a simple job. And maybe it is, in the sense that you can do it yourself. But furnace maintenance is a very important job, for both the owner and the environment. 

Us professionals at Airbest Duct Cleaning, can help you with all your furnace maintenance needs. With a friendly and quality service, your booking with us is definitely a bang for your buck.

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